Inheritance Law

We provide personalized advice, accompanying our clients through the necessary steps to distribute the inheritance.

The death of a loved one entails painful situations that, in many occasions, are increased by the complexities of the management and distribution of an inheritance. These are delicate matters that require professionals who advise not only with professionalism and experience, but also with sensitivity.
At Sainz & van Kesteren we provide personalized advice, accompanying our clients during the necessary steps to distribute the inheritance, relieving the emotional burden of these difficult procedures and offering a comprehensive management of all aspects of the inheritance.


Granting a will that reflects the wishes and last wills of a person with respect to his or her assets and rights is an effective way to facilitate the subsequent liquidation and distribution of the estate among family members and other heirs. Our Firm advises on key issues such as:

  • Type of will to be granted depending on personal circumstances;
  • Limitations and differences in Spain and in each Autonomous Community;
  • Importance of granting a will after a breakup or divorce when there are common children;
  • Granting a living will that expresses our wishes in the event of death, so that both health personnel and family members are aware of our wishes in the event of a terminal illness or accident (palliative care, medical information about our condition, organ donation, place and manner of burial, etc.);
  • Other legal aspects regarding the disposition of assets.

At Sainz & van Kesteren Abogados we advise our clients on all aspects related to the transcendental decision to dispose of their assets and patrimonial rights during their lifetime.


The processing of the inheritance of a loved one involves a series of administrative and fiscal formalities, or, if necessary, judicial, when the case requires it. These formalities are usually a heavy burden for the relatives.

Whether or not there is a will, our Firm takes care of the complete inheritance procedure:

  • Inheritance agreements (wills, legacies and others);
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation (death certificate, last will and testament, location of the will, etc.);
  •  Declaration of heirs;
  •  Acceptance and processing (notarial or judicial) of the inheritance;
  • Negotiation between heirs;
  • Waiver of the inheritance;
  • Extinction of the usufruct;
  •  Identification of assets and preparation of the inventory;
  • Valuation of assets;
  • Drafting and signing of the respective Partitional Notebook reflecting the distribution;
  • Settlement of taxes;
  • Processing of the change of ownership of real estate and vehicles.
  • Advice on fiscal aspects of the inheritance.
  • Request for extension and liquidation of taxes.

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