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Family Law

Separation and Divorce (contested and uncontested); Marriage Judicial Measures, Parental and filial Measures; Property Division; Modification of Judicial Measures; Judicial decisions Executions; Precautionary Judicial Measures; Grandparents Rights, etc.

Inheritance and Succession Law

Wills; Inheritance services; Tax clearence; Creation of Trusts…

Real Estate Law

Lease/Tenancy Agreements; Community of Owners y Real Estate Management; Evictions; Letters of claim and Money Claim Disputes, Breach of Contracts…

Family Criminal Law

Domestic Violence, Minors, Family Abandonment

International Family Law

Abductions; International divorce; International Inheritances, Exequatur…

Administrative services

Marriages; Name and Surname changes; Registry rectifications, Apostille and legalizations; Birth, marriage, death and last will certificates…

Our Firm

Dedicated to people

Each person, couple and family is and has unique circumstances; therefore, our mission is to apply legal knowledge and experience to the task of being the best tailor. We advise people on the model and the right fabric for each occasion; we take measurements and make tests until we get a tailored suit with which they feel comfortable, perfectly adapted to their circumstances and legally possible.

Our work philosophy translates into a personal treatment, in creating the necessary closeness to talk about complex issues, always considering the global picture: the needs of the children and the good of the family. We approach each case giving priority to negotiation as the main tool to reach agreements, to maintain the bonds.

We work for and with people facing complex moments in the most relevant areas of their lives.

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In certain circumstances, spouses who wish to divorce may choose between filing for divorce before the courts, or in a faster, easier and more convenient

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Legal Pills

Separation of property or community property?

Before getting married, it is advisable for the couple to talk naturally and calmly about the economic regime they will adopt during their marriage. Some

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